Diana Mehira

Professional International Oriental Dancer, award winning choreographer.

Beginners Classes

At Diana Mehira School of Dance beginners classes you will learn some of the basic moves that make up the wonderful dance that we call 'Oriental Dance' or 'Belly Dance'. These movements become empowering and students often quickly gain in self esteem and confidence. It is advised that you attend at least 2 Beginner courses before moving up to Level 1, to ensure that you have grasped the very basics before progressing further. Level 1 is still beginner, so do not worry about moving up, you will still be going over the basics. You may repeat a Beginners course as often as you wish, but you will be going over the same material over again, so its best to move on after a couple of months. Many students are shy and self conscious at the beginning, but you will soon gain in ability and confidence. This dance has a way of drawing people in so that they want to learn more, the fabulous music and the feeling you get once you have accomplished a move is infectious.


Starting Wednesday 6th September for a 6 week course

Time 7.15pm-8.15pm

Venue- City Balance Body and Mind, 569/661 London Road, Alvaston, Derby DE24 8UQ

Price- £35.00 for the whole course or pay as you go £7 a class.

Book onto this course by emailing [email protected] with your name and that you wish to attend the course. You can either pay weekly or save cash and book the full course using the store. 

For information or to pay using other methods contact [email protected]